Hi! My name is Sergio. First of all, thank you for using Bloxp!

Created in my spare time (starting in Istanbul, Turkey, and then in Barcelona, Spain), Bloxp is the tool that will allow you to export any blog and turn it into a downloadable ebook.

The idea of Bloxp came to me very fast when I got my first ebook reader and I was not able to find any tool to automatically convert my favorite blogs into a unique, readable file. Unlike other simillar services, where only the last posts are included in the results, Bloxp will crawl the given blog searching every post written since it was created.


Bloxp has been possible thanks to several third party resources. I would like to give my appreciation to the authors of:

960 Grid System

Arc90's Readability PHP port

Better Web Readability Project

Font Awesome

Goodlife FCT template

HTML Purifier




jQuery UI Bootstrap






Are you a blogger?

If your content is not being processed properly by Bloxp and you wish to improve its performance, you can find some useful tips in the FAQs. If you prefer not to allow Bloxp to process your content you can contact me.

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Why some blogs are not working with Bloxp?

Bloxp always tries to find the links that connect one post with its previous so it can somehow go back in the blog history and create an index. If for any reason this link cannot be found Bloxp will be unable to crawl the entire site.

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I'm writing a correct URL but it's still not working. What can I do?

First of all, check if the given link is not redirecting to a second URL. In that case, please try writing the original link. Also, be sure that the website has a feed/rss.

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Why Bloxp has a limit of 250 posts?

The main reason is because the server where Bloxp is running is not as powerful as I would like. Also, the generated ebook filesize could be too big depending on the number of images and their resolution.

If you need to export a blog with more than 250 posts, please contact me.

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What can I do if Bloxp is not working with my site?

You should modify (or ask to) your HTML code adding in your posts' heading (between <head> and </head>) the following tag:

<link rel="prev" href="Previous post URL" />

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How can I improve the way Bloxp processes my content?

In this link you will find useful tips for increasing your articles' readability. Consider also that without enough text in an article (e.g. a post with only pictures) Bloxp won't be able to find the relevant content.

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I don't want Bloxp being used with my site. Can I block it?

If you prefer not to allow people to export your contents as an ebook you just have to send me an email to contact@bloxp.com including the URL you want to block. I'll try to attend your petition as fast as possible (usually within 24-48h).

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What does "Session has expired" mean?

Every time you start a new ebook a session is created and all data collected is kept with a reference to it. If you spend more than 15 min without interacting with Bloxp this session will expire and all the information will be lost. If this happens you will have to start again from the beginning.

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I've forgotten to check the "Add Table of Contents" option, can I add it without starting from the Homepage?

I'm sorry but no at this moment. I hope this will be added/fixed soon! The same applies to the "Transform links to footnotes" option.

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Is there any option to save an ebook as a PDF?

At this moment Bloxp cannot create PDFs. However, you can easily save an ebook in this format with just two clicks:

(1) Once the blog you want to export has been indexed, click on the "Preview" link (eye-shaped icon next to the Exporting options).

(2) Use your Web Browser's options to print the webpage as a PDF!

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What email should I use to receive an ebook in my Kindle?

Using an email such as [name]@kindle.com your new ebook will be sent over 3G. However, this option can incur charges on your Kindle account. If prefered, use [name]@free.kindle.com to receive your ebook via Wi-Fi when connected. This option is free in all cases.

For more information please refer to Amazon.

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My new ebook has been sent but I cannot find it in my Inbox! Where is it?

First of all, please check that the mail is not in the Spam folder. If still you cannot find it, the problem could be that the attached file is too big for your Inbox. In this case, make sure you have enough free space or try downloading the ebook directly from Bloxp.

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